Pronounce Nepali dishes properly

Learn how to say these mouth-watering Nepali dishes and you will never go hungry in Nepal!

Daal bhaat tarkari – Lentil soup, white rice and curried vegetables
Dahi chiura – Curd with beaten rice
Pakauda – Vegetables dipped in chickpea flour batetr, deep fried
Samosa – Pyramids of pastry filled with curried vegetables
Sekuwa – Spicy, marinated meat kebab
Tareko maachha – Fried fish
Momo – Dumplings (Nepali style) 🙂

Newari (native Kathmandu) dishes

Chataamari – Rice-flour pizza, usually topped with minced buff
Choyila – Buff cubes fried with spices and greens
Kachila – Pate of minced raw buff meat mixed with ginger and oil
Kwati – Soup