how to address people in nepali

Here’s how to address people generally in Nepali

Excuse me -maaf  garnuhos

Excuse me (more polite)- Hajur

Elder brother- Daai; Daaju (said to men your age or older; more respectful)

Younger brother- Bhaai (men or boys younger than you)

Elder sister- Didi (women your age or older)

Younger sister- Bahini (women or girls younger than you)

Father- Bua (a man old enough to be your father)

Mother- Aama (women old enough to be your mother)

Grandfather-Baje (old man)

Grandmother- Bajei (old woman)

Shopkeeper, Innkeeper- Saahuji (male)

Shopkeeper, Innkeeper- Saahuni (female)