Basic Nepali Greetings and phrases?

Here are some basic Nepali greetings and phrases that might be useful to you if you are in Nepal.
Please click on the link below to download the basic Nepali phrases and greetings below.

Basic Nepali phrases and Greetings are:

Hello, goodbye (formal) Namaste
Hello (very formal) Namaskar
Thank you (very formal) Dhanyebad
Yes/No (it is/isn’t) Ho/Hoina
Yes/No (there is/isn’t) Chha/Chhaina
How are things Kasto  chha? or Sanchai chha
It’s/I’m OK, fine Thik chha or Sanchai chha
OK! /Sure thing! (Informal) la!
OK! /Sure thing! (formal) Hos!
What’s your name (to an adult) Tapaiko naam ke ho?
What’s your name (to a child) Timro naam ke ho?
My name is …………. Mero naam ………… ho
My country is ………. Mero desh …………… ho
I don’t know Malai thaahaa chaina
I didn’t understand that Maile tyo bujina
Please speak more slowly Bistarai bolnus na
Please speak that again Pheri bhannus ta
I  speak a little Nepali Ali ali Nepali auncha
Pardon? Hajur?
No, thanks (I don’t want it) Nai or pardaina
I’m sorry, excuse me Maph garnus
Let’s go jaun: “djam”
It was an honor to meet you Hajur lai bhetera dherai khushi lagyo
Thank you [very much] for everything Sabai kurako laagi [dherai] dhanyabaad
See you again Pheri bhetaula

🙂 hope it helped !